STIR: Reed–Solomon Proximity Testing with Fewer Queries

This blog-post is a short introduction to our new work: “STIR: Reed-Solomon Proximity Testing with Fewer Queries”. This is joint work with Gal Arnon , Alessandro Chiesa , and Eylon Yogev , and the full version is available on ePrint . Code is also available at WizardOfMenlo/stir . Denote by $\mathsf{RS}[\mathbb{F}, \mathcal{L}, d]$ the Reed-Solomon (RS) code1 over the field $\mathbb{F}$ of rate $\rho = d/|\mathcal{L}|$. Testing proximity to a RS code is the problem of, given oracle access to $f: \mathcal{L} \to \mathbb{F}$, determining whether...

February 2024 · Gal Arnon, Alessandro Chiesa, Giacomo Fenzi, Eylon Yogev